The SpectrumWise Toolbox

They say that if you’ve met one kid with autism, you’ve met one kid with autism. That’s why I tailor everything to your child, from diagnostics to coaching. I create individualized, personal strategies to meet his or her unique needs.

The START 360 Diagnostic Survey (SpectrumWise Tailored Assessment of Readiness to Thrive)

I created this confidential online survey to get a true 360° view of your child’s strengths and opportunity areas. I use the results to make a baseline assessment of independent living, academic, and social skills.

SpectrumWise 3S College Recommendation & Transition Plan (Success-Specific Skills)

This is where the rubber hits the road. In this comprehensive report, I’ll deliver my recommendations for colleges based on your child’s academic interests and support needs as outlined in the START 360 Diagnostic Survey. I’ve visited the majority of colleges in the country with Autism Support Programs and will explain why I believe the schools/programs I recommend are best to meet your child’s specific needs.

The 3S Transition Plan outlines how I’ll help your child further develop the skill sets critical to college success. A big part of the plan’s value is that it helps your child understand (perhaps for the first time) the challenges autism presents to life on campus—and motivates him or her to begin working toward success.

New! XLR8 College Autism Support
Based on the success of our 3S Coaching program, XLR8 is one-on-one video conference-based support for students who are taking college classes online or on campus.
Learn More About XLR8