The SpectrumWise story: a parent’s love and a teacher’s expertise come together to solve a problem that shouldn’t exist.

As the parent of a child who didn’t fit in, my goal was no different than the parent of a neuro-typical: to raise a mature, happy, independently functioning adult who can make a real contribution to the workplace and the world. Today, thanks to the right support and a very courageous transformation, that child is a strong young man who is succeeding in the military, taking care of himself in the wake of his father’s sudden death, and is excitedly making plans for college. But not every parent is as fortunate as I am.

As an educator, I’ve seen and heard of too many perfectly capable, often brilliant, students with Asperger’s and similar Autism Spectrum Disorders dropping out of good colleges. They leave because they’re not adequately prepared to self-advocate, live independently, or navigate the complex college social environment. And because many schools just aren’t providing the support they need. I founded SpectrumWise because I believe that students with autism can succeed in college – if they’re properly prepared for life on campus and receive the right support from the school.

As a SpectrumWise client, you can count on me to:

  • take the time to get to know your child
  • work with your child to begin developing the independent living skills necessary for college success
  • find a college that provides the academics your child wants and the right kind of support needed for a successful experience.
  • coach your child through the application and essay process to give him or her the best possible chance of admission
  • work with your child after admission to arrive on campus already on the path to success. As a parent, I’ve felt the concern you may be feeling now about your child’s future. I’ve been there. And I’ve made it my life’s work to help you experience the joy of watching your child live a happy, independent, successful life. See how it works >